At the occasion of the 3C 4 Incubators final conference in Rome (6th November 2014), the partners released three project publications, which were distributed to the numerous conference participants and will be sent to interested audiences and local and European decision makers as one of the project’s outcomes.

The 3C 4 publications come as a result of the 3C 4 Incubators project activities. These publications  contain the expertise from  projects that  the partners had previously been involved in (2InS Clusters, Sostenuto, ICE and Creative Growth) and combine it with new experiences,  the knowledge gained through experimentation and the research implemented during the 3C 4 Incubators project.

The Position paper titled Cultural and Creative Sector – Something to Stand For! describes the context of the cultural and creative industries in the partner countries, offers some important observations as well as states values that the project partners stand for.

The Business model was designed to enhance the ability to generate business models in a balanced and complete way and
to focus attention to the relationship between SMEs/territory and individuals.

Networking is intrinsic to Cultural and Creative Industries. In the Networking Model a detailed proposal is written for forming a real pilot network (or rather a sub-network) called EBN CREATIVE inside an existing and important European
Network: the European Business and Innovation Network.

the 3c 4 publications